How can learners overcome math anxiety

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Assignment Instructions

1. Focus on the following questions

o What is math anxiety and where does it stem from?
o How can learners overcome math anxiety?

2. Research the questions via online resources and/or through discussions with math teachers or tutors (keep track of your sources.)

3. Based on the above research, develop at least five questions to be asked during an interview regarding a person's study of mathematical constructs

4. Using the questions you've constructed, interview a minimum of two people who have taken a high school or college level algebra course and one person who is taking a 5th grade or lower level math course.

5. Then develop a one page minimum summary -OR- ten slide minimum online presentation that includes the following

o Your interview
o Research findings
o Comparing attitudes towards the study of mathematics at higher and lower levels

• You will need to cite your sources using APA style guidelines, so keep a record for your bibliography
• You must complete every portion of the Service Learning Project process in order to pass the course.

Reference no: EM131173407

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