How can existence of supply chain risk management efforts

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Case study: Cisco Systems, Inc. Supply Chain Risk Management Chuck Munson with María Jesús Sáenz and Elena Revilla

• Has the supply chain risk management implemented after the tsunami in Japan resulted in positive outcomes? What worked and what did not? Why?

• How should supply chain complexity align with supply chain risk management?

• Which comparable and comprehensive metrics have been required to assess supply chain resiliency capabilities? How can we relate these metrics to the Time-to-Recovery measurement for all capabilities?

• Can this approach to managing supply chain risks be generalized for any supply chain?

• How can the existence of the supply chain risk management efforts and its budget be justified? Does the return on invest-ment of such efforts provide enough justification for their existence?

• What lessons can be extracted from the experience of managing these high magnitude disruptions? How might Cisco continue learning in order to improve the performance of the supply chain risk management?

Reference no: EM131038259

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