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Class, Consider your current or future career (nursing), clubs or volunteer activities or any other occupations where a PowerPoint presentation might be advantageous. Where might you use PowerPoint? Could the skill of making a professional presentation mean the difference between success and failure? Please describe specific scenarios for each occupation. What products or people are known for the way that they are presented? Why? How can an effective presentation enhance a message? How can the wrong image confuse or distort a person's message? Again, please give specific examples. Do not generalize.

100 word minimum.

Reference no: EM131317881

Explain what is meant by wear-leveling in flash drives

What is the capacity of a hard drive (in GB) consisting of 120,000 tracks, 4,000 sectors, and 4 surfaces? Assume each block has 512 bytes. Explain what is meant by wear-level

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Using the frequency sampling method, design a linear phase bandstop FIR filter with cutoff frequencies Ωc1 = π/3, Ωc2 = π/2, and Lh = 13. Realize the design as a frequency sam

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Compute and plot the DFT of x[n] using 20 samples (0 ≤ n ≤ 19). From the plot, can the two non-dc exponentials be identified? Given the amplitude relation between the two, t

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Zero pad the signal from (a) to a total length of 500. Does this improve locating the two non-dc exponential components? Is the lower-frequency peak twice as large as the hi

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MATLAB's fft command computes the DFT of a vector x assuming that the first sample occurs at time n = 0. Given that X = fft(x) has already been computed, derive a method to

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