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Question# 1 Is it ethical for a former regulator or legislator to accept a job that requires her or him to lobby or influence those colleagues still on the regulatory board or in Congress? Should a former regulator or politician be free to take any job she or he wants, or should there be greater controls on the revolving door practice?

Question #2 The definition of sustainable development is development "that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." This concept appears, on its face, to embody a contradiction. Explore the following: How can society meet its own pressing needs today, without damaging or depleting the ecosystem on which future generations will depend?

Question #3 Select a business and make recommendations for how the business could become an environmentally sustainable organization.

Question #4 There are numerous accounts of governments stepping in and censoring access to and usage of the Internet. In contrast, many citizens are using the Internet as a tool to combat a repressive government. Research the most recent efforts by a government to control or limit Internet usage and explore why governments take these actions. What has been the citizenry's response to what some may call "government censorship"?

Responses to each essay question should include:

- Your answers should be between Five and seven paragraphs, likely on the higher end to fully meet the requirements.

Introduction paragraph - restate overall essay response, clearly and specifically identify your main points (s)

- Body paragraphs for each topic or question within an essay (at least three paragraphs, often more) -

- Supporting information should include specific examples, concepts, and keywords from online content, textbook, discussions, your personal/professional examples, as well as outside reputable sources

- Summary and conclusion paragraph

At the very end of each essay, include the full references of all sources, along with their associated web (APA STYLE)

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Reference no: EM13871720

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