How art of asia reflect religious and philosophical beliefs

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Question: Please respond to each question individually. Answer in complete sentences, and feel free to include images or use formatting to enhance your submission. All group members are expected to participate equitably, but it is up to each group to decide how that will look.

For each example, include artist/architect (if known) or culture, title (use italics if the book uses them), date, medium, dimensions (for artworks/not necessary for architecture), and location.

Example: The Emperor Babur Overseeing His Gardeners, India, Mughal period, c. 1590. Tempera and gouache on paper, 8¾ × 5?". Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England

Example: Sen no Rikyu, Taian Teahouse, c. 1582. Myoki-an Temple, Kyoto, Japan

• Part 1: How does the art of Asia reflect religious and philosophical beliefs? Select one work from China, one from Japan, and one from South or Southeast Asia. Describe which religion(s) it represents and how it does so.

Your discussion can include materials, style, symbolism, location, and how the work is used.

Reference no: EM132280509

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