How are work perks different from work benefits

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Assignment 1

Write a 200 word response to the following:
What are the variables that influence an employee's decision to leave or stay at an organization? (Hint: It's not just money.)
APA Format with 2 reference and citation

Write a 200-word response to the following:
Is pursuit of a single-payer system the solution to workforce challenges? Why or why not?
What challenges have occurred to health care workers in countries that have adopted a single-payer system?
Would similar challenges occur in the United States? Why or why not?
APA format with 2 reference and citations.

Write a 265-word response to the following:
What prevents health care from having the same customer satisfaction as Amazon?
What prevents health care employees from having the same satisfaction as Google employees?
What are the leadership skills or attributes necessary to accomplish these objectives?
APA format with 2 reference and citations.

Write a 265-word response to the following:
Much attention is given to the multi-generational clinician workforce. But what about multi-generational administrative workforce? Are the challenges similar?

What about interactions between multi-generational clinical and administrative workforces?
APA format with 2 reference and citation.

Assignment 2

Student were asked What are the variables that influence an employee's decision to leave or stay at an organization? Tutor will read each students response thoroughly and provided professional feedback on their view with providing some useful resources, article or links within response. 200 word each!


Good afternoon Dr. Green and Class,
This question should hit home with everyone because we can all relate on a personal level. I have been with my current employer for the past 6 months and I will say that I am not pleased with the reputation that the company is upholding rather than the one that I have known to be displayed to public. The reason I bring this up is due to past and present experiences amongst other reasoning the style and functions of management are very much of importance to me when remaining at a company. According to the Society For Human Resource Management, 2018 "Employee job satisfaction and engagement factors are key ingredients of employee retention programs. The importance of addressing these factors is obvious, but actually doing so takes time and these tasks are often left for another day". The Top 5 reason have been shown to be

1. Respectful treatment of all employees at all levels

2. Compensation/pay

3. Trust between employees and senior management

4. Job security

5. Opportunities to use their skills and abilities at work

This bring me back to my original point of why management is important to me. As an employee that works as a team on the daily to execute goals it's important to not only know but be assured that your manager is there for you, fights for what best for you and makes you feel appreciated in the process. Even though people leave jobs for other obvious reasons.

What are the variables that influence an employee's decision to leave or stay at an organization?

According to Harvard Business Review the two important variables here are the employee's satisfaction with his job and the environmental pressures, inside and outside his company, that affect his determination to continue or terminate (Flowers, Hughes, 1973).

While it is true that an employee may decide to abandon a job based on financial needs, it is not the first cause of job resignation. People greatly value their work environment and the importance they have for the company. I think that one of the factors that can affect an employee is the fact of not feeling stuck, we all need to feel productive in one way or another, and definitely a company that gives you recognition and growth is a company that retains a better quality of employees and a longer working force.

Reasons for staying in a job include achievement, recognition, responsibility, growth, and other matters associated with the motivation of the individual in his job. Reasons to leave a job imply environmental pressures inside the company include work rules, facilities, coffee breaks, benefits, wages, and the like. Environmental pressures outside the company include outside job opportunities, community relations, financial obligations, family ties, and such other factors.

Assignment 3

Answer the following question 200 word each question be sure to included 2 reference and or citation APA format

Question 1. How are work perks different from work benefits? Or are they? Explain. What are other perks that are used as incentives for engagement?

Read the short paragraph followed by question after

Employee Engagement
Getting employees engaged takes creativity and employers willing to invest in their employees. Employees should be allowed to voice their feelings and add to the suggestions on making things better starting with the wellbeing of each employee. Low morale and disengagement all comes from lack of concern due to not meeting the desire and needs of employees. Improving staff morale is key and will indeed bring productivity and a positive atmosphere within the culture of the organization (Conant, 2012). Keeping focus on the need of the employee and not just the company will bring much admiration to the employers. Employees are willing to do better when they feel they''ve been treated fairly and the employer have the best interest at heart. When employees are motivated they will do their best to meet every goal and objective.

Question 2. What are some strategies?

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This report discusses on the different HR aspects in the organization.The different teams need to adhere to the HR policies and adhere to the working guidelines of the organization.On the other hand, the HR department needs to formulate strategies that will ensure increasing motivation levels of the employees in a given working environment.Your assignment is completed and submitted.

Reference no: EM132233857

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