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1. How are the networking needs of a Small-Business different than a Large-Enterprise? What types of equipment differ between these types of networks? Suppose a CEO for a small-business liked your network design, but wanted to go with cheaper, more inferior equipment based on another recommendation. What would you tell the CEO?  

2. Cloud Computing is a hot topic in the IT industry right now. Like any networking solution, there are positives and negatives. If a CEO of an enterprise told you he wanted to move all resources to "the cloud", what would you say?
Should you house sensitive data in the cloud? Why or Why not? 

3. What are some real-world situations where the different approaches to network troubleshooting can be applied? What is your preferred method and why?
If a user cannot get to the Internet from a laptop within a small business network, what would you do to try to resolve their issue? 

4. There are many different organizations, which handle the creation of networking and Internet standards. Give a real-world example of the work done by each of these organizations. Why would you want to keep a log of problems on the network?



Reference no: EM13875784

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