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As you all know, persuasive speeches begin next week. Since the speeches are approaching, I would like for you to spend this week's discussion board on the topic of persuasive speeches. This week, I would like for you to discuss:

1.) How are these persuasive speeches going to differ from your informative speech?

2.) Looking at pages 369-370 of your book (and as we discussed in class) there are logical fallacies that you need to avoid. Choose 2 that are listed and briefly explain what it is and why they should be avoided.

As always, please make your initial post 100 wordsonly with 2 responses being 50 words each only. And also, please do not post all 3 in the same day.

You responses to those

Sydney Ratliff

Persuasive Speech

1. Persuasive speeches aim to persuade or convince the audience to agree with them. In an informative speech the speaker tries to inform the audience about a specific topic.

2. Bandwagon appeal suggests that the audience should accept an argument because other people have. Telling people that they should think a certain way just because other people do is wrong. People have the right to their own opinion. Straw man fallacy is when a person refutes a claim that was never made. This should always be avoided because it can ruin the way people think of that person. This one reminds me a lot about politics.

Allison Rogers

Persuasive Speeches

1) First of all, the purpose of the speech is different. Instead of trying to inform, you are trying to persuade your audience of whatever it is you're speaking about. When we speak to inform, we try to let our audience know something that they don't already know. When we speak to persuade though, we are trying to get the audience to feel a certain way and believe in the ways that we want them to.

2) ad hominem fallacy- This is when you try to discredit an argument by personally attacking the person who made it. These should be avoided because although you may make the other person look bad, you are making yourself look unfavorable as well.

Slippery slope fallacy- When you make an extreme statement that is negative towards someone's argument and blow it so far out of proportion that it is nowhere near believable. This should be avoided because instead of persuading, you're just freaking out and overwhelming your audience with things that they will not believe, causing your credibility to lower.

This is for 2 students for me and my friend so, you have to write 200 words. 100 words for each of us and your responses for those students 50 words only for each.

For me 100 words only and your responses for the student 50 words each.

For my friend 100 words only and your responses for the student 50 words each.

Please be accurate about the word number 100 words no more and 50 words no more.

Reference no: EM131351750

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