How are genes regulated in mitochondrial

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How are genes regulated in mitochondrial?  (note that the mitochondrial genome contains only genes for cellular respitation( and a few tRNA's and rRNA's- but that is not crucial for this question)

Reference no: EM13534742

Mechanisms help plant roots acquire negatively-charged ions

Fungi in the soil form a symbiotic association with roots. These fungi create a large surface area associated with the root hairs that helps to do which of the following?  W

Discussion in my a&p classtreatment to hyperthermia

Discussion in my A&P classtreatment to hyperthermia is not as straightforward as just warming a person as quickly as possible. If the person is warned too rapidly, the rapid c

What is the farmers approximation of yield

A farmer planted a field of BT 123 corn and wants to estimate the yield in terms of bushels per acre. He counts 35 ears in 1/1000 of an acre. He determines that each ear has a

Communicable or a noncommunicable disease

Ebony is a seven year old child who didnt feel well and was complaining of a sore throat. By the next morning, Ebony had a bright red tongue and a rash across her chest.

Describe the difference between a tumor suppressor gene

1. Describe the difference between a tumor suppressor gene, a proto-oncogene, and an oncogene. Provide an example of each. 2. Cervical cancer is mainly caused by human papill

Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance

Knowing what you do now about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance, have you or someone you know ever been given an antibiotic by a doctor when perhaps you should not have

Diagram the ultimate source of energy

Using one of these ecosystems,(indigenous forest, grassland, desert, fresh water pond, etc.) Draw a diagram of a food chain, using at least four organisms at different level

Find the observed genotype frequencies

Assume you observe the following numbers of individuals of each genotype in a population. AA=700, Aa=200, aa=100. What are the observed genotype frequencies in this population


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