How are dominant mutant alleles designated

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Considering the nomenclature conventions used for fruit fly genetics, how are mutant and wild type alleles of genes distinguished when writing out a cross? How are dominant mutant alleles designated?

Reference no: EM13121661

Define genomics and proteomics

Define genomics and proteomics. Name two techniques that are used in each field of study. Protein is translated from mRNA, which is transcribed from the gene. However, the p

Distinguish between a pure culture and a mixed culture

Distinguish between a pure culture and a mixed culture. Define a bacterial colony. List four characteristics by which bacterial colonies may be distinguished. Why should a P

Properties of life and recognizing living things

Properties of life and recognizing living and nonliving things-Consider the properties and characteristics of life. Choose two items (one of which is alive or has been alive

How many of their sons would be color-blind

An achondroplastic male dwarf with normal vision marries a color-blind woman of normal height. The man's father was six-feet tall, and both the woman's parents were of avera

Equation for the combustion of octane

Using the following equation for the combustion of octane, calculate the heat associated with the combustion of100.0 g of octane assuming complete combustion. The molar mass

Why is eating lower on the food chain

Why is eating "lower on the food chain" - in other words eating plants instead of animals - more efficient? Why is energy transfer along the food chain inefficient. Explain.

Fat-free foods

Many students think that fat-free foods are also low-calorie foods. This is especially true for snack foods and desserts. Find at least one example of a fat-free snack or de

Moist soils with high salt concentrations

(1) Halophytes are plants that live in moist soils with high salt concentrations. Despite being surrounded my water, halophytes are often referred to as "salty desert" plant


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