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Question: Simply stated strategic management is a set of managerial decisions and actions that help determine the long-term performance of an organization, and a strategy is a comprehensive approach of how an organization will achieve their mission objectives. Now that you have had time to digest basic principles and concepts of strategic management over the past five modules, you should be able to explain strategy in your own words

Identify one positive and one negative strategy your strategic audit company is currently using and how it is impacting them as an organization. Then explain why you believe these two strategies are good or bad.

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Reference no: EM132234237

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Williams argued that Hillerich was not entitled to have both specific performance and damages for breach of the contract because the remedies were inconsistent and Hillerich

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The document will include a high-level description of the current information system that handles some of the company's administrative and financial tasks and identify the r

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An investment website can tell what devices are used to access the site. The site managers wonder whether they should enhance the facilities for trading via "smart phones" s

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Select two strategic issues in addressing corporate social responsibility (any issue like- economic, social, cultural, legal and technological) and evaluate them from variou


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