How advertising can act as a form of cultural imperialism

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Discussion 1: Research on Zappos's team building activities. Share one of them. Then, find and describe other team building exercises that facilitator's use to share with the team and weigh in on them.

Discussion 2: Review the lecture and conduct academic research on stress management and, in particular, tips and techniques that are recommended and used. Pick one technique and explain it. Then, explain how what stress management tool you use (it could be a form of exercise, a hobby, a habit, etc.) helps you to reduce your stress.

Discussion 3: Define the term "Culture Jamming". Visit Adbusters, ( and share your impressions of the website. Then, explain how advertising can act as a form of cultural imperialism.

Discussion 4: Several Hollywood films during the 1980's depicted the cold war, which was nearly over. Give an example of a popular Hollywood film from the early to mid 1980's that reflected the cold war. How did this film reflect the feelings of Americans at the time? How did it reflect the media's biases of the time?

Reference no: EM13961513

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Becky Sharp and Sydney Carton applied to become administrative assistants for Gizmo, Inc. (GI). After the interviewing process, both were hired and asked to sign contracts tha

Importance of strategic planning and marketing

Given the importance of strategic planning and marketing for a successful healthcare organization, describe the planning process, strategy formulation, implementation and exec

About low power distance versus high power distance culture

Think of an idea you are passionate about. How would your strategies for a supply chain differ based on a high content versus low content culture? How about a low power distan

A virus is rapidly becoming a pandemic

A virus is rapidly becoming a pandemic. You are in charge of the CDC and have been given the authority to distribute a rare, but effective, cure. The problem is that it takes

Vision and mission statement for new joint business venture

Joseph Dunn is the owner and general manager of Dunn’s Ski Emporium. In business for twenty-five years, Dunn’s Ski Emporium is known for its state-of-the-art ski equipment and

Human relationship involving more fundamental human rights

Do you feel that the employment relationship is more legal and contractual or a fundamental human relationship involving more fundamental human rights? Explain your answer.

Customer order start the jit process

Since the early 1980's we in the United States have been hearing about, and most have adopted, Just-In-Time or Lean Manufacturing as practiced by the Japanese. Is it really "j

Business strategy and market conditions

Project close-out/termination is a complex process that requires detailed knowledge of the project, business strategy, and market conditions. There are many reasons for a proj


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