How accurate is your local five-day weather forecast

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1. How accurate is your local five-day weather forecast? Support your answer with actual data.

2. How is forecasting in the context of a supply chain different from forecasting for just a single organization? Lists possible supply chain benefits and discuss potential difficulties in doing supply chain forecasting.

3. Which type of forecasting approach, qualitative or quantitative, is better?

Reference no: EM132280784

The average time spent waiting in line at jake lift

Jake is running a new ski lift at your mountain. Today is Jake's first day on the job. Skiers are expected to arrive at the loadign station fo Jake's lift at the rate of 20 ev

Legal requirements and economic conditions

What does compensation mean to an employee? Are there psychological components to compensation? Is compensation only about money?  What is the effect of satisfied employees

Long considered the most thriving advertising medium

Long considered the most thriving advertising medium, television advertising has received increased denigration as being too pricey and, even worse, no longer as valuable as i

Barriers to entry associated with entrepreneurial firms

What are three nontraditional barriers to entry associated with entrepreneurial firms? Describe the barriers in your own words and explain which barrier you think would be mos

What are the major characteristics of government markets

What are the major characteristics of government markets? What advice do you have for Michael Tay with respect to the patisserie store, and The Hour Glass Co? How is surrogacy

Explain which with corporate functions-family affairs

When you ask owners to describe a typical customer, they say it is impossible also explain which with corporate functions, family affairs also fund-raisers, they do not have

What price should business put on the good

Business x sells goods. It has fixed costs of 150 Million dollars. The incremental cost kan be estimated to 150,000 dollars. The profit maximizing price is 427,000 dollars. Th

How do begin to assess potential impacts of three-d printing

As an operations manager at a manufacturing facility which employs traditional manufacturing methods, how do you begin to assess the potential impacts of 3-D printing on you


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