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a person who weighs 800 N is squatting on a scale. Suddenly he stars jumping, extending his legs as quickly as possible, so that he can ump into the air. as the person is in the process of jumping (accelerating upward) the reading of the scale is A. greater than 800 N B. equal to 800 N C. less than 800 N

Reference no: EM13103587

Describe the focal length and object distance

Start with the thin lens equation and solve for the image distance in terms of the focal length and object distance. Use this to explain why you can expect a real image only

Spun on an axle during its center by an electric motor

A 250 g 23-cm-diameter plastic disk is spun on an axle during its center by an electric motor. What torque should the motor supply to take the disk from 0 to 1700 rpm in 4.1s?

The drum''s rotation rate when the anchor hits water

A ship's anchor weighs 5000 N. Its cable passes over a roller of negligible mass and is wound around a hollow cylindrical drum of mass 380kg and radius 1.10m. The drum is moun

Obtain the minimum thickness for oil and water

An oil film (n=1.25) floats on water, and a soap film (n=1.333) is suspended in air. Find the minimum thickness for each that will result in constructive interference with 500

What is the speed initially at the bottom

Sources A and B emit long-range radio waves of wavelength 530 m, with phase of the emission from A ahead of that from source B by 90°. The distance rA from A to a detector is

What is the maximum reaction time

A basketball player grabbing a rebound jumps 73.3 cm vertically. How much total time (ascent and descent) does the player spend (a) in the top 13.1 cm of this jump and (b) i

Measured between points x and y across the strip

A metal strip 6.11 cm long, 1.26 cm wide, and 0.766 mm thick moves by constant velocity during a uniform magnetic field B= 1.32 mT directed perpendicular to the strip, as show

Find the normal incidence absorptivity and reflectivity

THe index of refraction of gold is n= .31 + i2.88 at 560nm, and n=12.2 + i54.7 at 9.92um. Find the normal incidence absorptivity and reflectivity at both wavelengths. Please s


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