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1. Your company president has decided to restructure the firm and become more market-oriented. She is going to announce the changes at an upcoming meeting. She has asked you to prepare a short speech outlining the general reasons for the new company orientation.

2. Donald E. Petersen, chairman of the board of Ford Motor Company, remarked, "If we aren't customer-driven, our cars won't be either." Explain how this statement reflects the marketing concept.

3. How are Coke and Pepsi using their Web sites, and, to promote their newest product offerings? Do you see hints of any future strategies the companies might implement? Where?

4. How can a new company best define its business mission statement? Can you find examples of good and bad mission statements on the Internet? How might you improve the bad ones?

5. What techniques can make your school enrollment marketing plan more effective?

Reference no: EM131333179

What kinds of research would be the most valuable why

What are the trade-offs among all the types of research addressed? Suppose you are a manager of a small start-up firm with a limited budget. What kinds of research would be

Explain what the specific key environmental forces

Explain what the specific key environmental forces are that created an opportunity for your company - Identify if there have been changes in the purchasing patterns of your or

Essential characteristic of a market system

Why is the right of private property an essential characteristic of a market system? How do economists distinguish between the absolute and relative sizes of the United State

Prepare a situation analysis for the organisation

Your task is to prepare a Situation Analysis for the organisation you are currently working in or, if you are not currently working, an organisation with which you are famil

Which of the following is a traditional sellers right

BAM 306 Principles of Marketing Final Examination. A federal agency ordered a fast food chain to stop running ads with false claims that its fried chicken is compatible with

Product or service to an international market

Our topic: When expanding a product or service to an international market, language/translation and cultural snafus can occur. Provide several examples of these occurrences.

What are the internal strengths and weakness of your company

Mktg305 Marketing Principles Group Project Assignment. A SWOT analysis will answer these questions: What are the internal strengths and weakness of your company? What are the

What are your broad goals for the next three years

Stating a strategic vision for the company in a brief paragraph. What is it that you are striving for? Think of this as your team's vision statement - what are your broad go


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