How a company could benefit from either centralization

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1. Discuss how a company could benefit from either centralization or decentralization. Explain your rationale.

Select a large U-form or M-form organization and describe how it would be different if it switched form (i.e., a U-form organization switching to an M-form, or an M-form organization switching to a U-form

2. evaluate and compare the "vertical restraints" of the two industries / sectors for the purposes of assessing the consequences of these provisions for strategic decision making. 

In this age of globalization, boundaries between firms and boundaries between markets are hardly ever distinguishable. Corporate strategies therefore have to be multidimensional and multifaceted. It is a widely held belief by non-economists that outsourcing is as valuable a strategic choice as vertical extension. Argue for or against the notion, citing examples to support your position.

Reference no: EM13152013

What is the effect of this tariff on the us economy

What is the effect on the economic well-being of a nation when a tariff is imposed Consult a newspaper and identify an industry where there currently is a tariff. please pro

What phase of the business cycle in the us

What do these numbers tell you about the phase of the business cycle in the United States, Euro area, and Japan in 2008  What do these numbers tell us about the relative size

Which of these three firms is a legal monopoly

The United States Postal Service has a monopoly on non-urgent First Class Mail and the exclusive right to put mail in private mailboxes. Pfizer Inc. makes LIPITOR, a prescri

Why might covered interest parity fail to hold deposits

The text points out that covered interest parity holds quite closely for deposits of differing currency denominations issued. Why might covered interest parity fail to hold w

Derive the relative supply of apples in the world

Derive the relative supply of apples in the world - write a summary about its description of the european situation. What do you think that is going to happen to the Euro zone

Assignment on global economy

What evidence do the data provide of the countries experiencing economic downturns in recent years? what similarities and differences are there in the performance of the ec

Explain why consumption of marriage has been decreasing

we have stressed that marriage is an institution with many economic aspects. Use your insights as an economist to explain why the consumption of marriage (as measured by age

Determine the equilibrium interest rate

The demand for money in a country is given by, Assume that the money supply is set by the central bank at $1,198,000. Determine the equilibrium interest rate.


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