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You have inherited a century old farm house and acreage in Montana.You have visited the site and made an inspection.The house needs a great deal of repair work to get it marginally livable.You have itemized the most important things that need to be done and estimated the time required as shown below. The total estimated time is 160 work hours.

You and a friend want to use this house for vacations and as a rental property. However, just buying the supplies to fix it up will max out your budget. Therefore, if it is to be fixed up, the two of you will need to do the work. The two of you can arrange to take a two week vacation. You have each committed to working 80 hours (160 hours total) over your vacation to fix up the house.

First, sequence the activities by developing an AON network with Post it Notes or on paper. Each activity is to be assigned to just one person.

Second, develop the project schedule using the two pass method to identify your critical path and the float on non-critical activities.  If your critical path is more than 80 hours, adjust your logical order to reduce it to the 80 hours you will have available. 

Finally, turn in a completed WBS Critical Path Diagram (using Visio) for this project

Reference no: EM131404011

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