Hormones receptors the gprotein-adenylyl cyclase

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A particular type of hormone is known to elicit 6 different intracellular responses, all by using the cAMP system. A drug isfound that blocks one of the effects, but not the other five. Which of these particular following steps, if any, couldthe drug be affecting: the hormone’s receptors, the Gprotein, adenylyl cyclase, or cAMP?

Reference no: EM13532310

Sex and age of each family member

Collaborate to select a family. This family may be a team member's family, a neighboring family, and so on. Sex and age of each family member (members should range from childh

Botany questions

In lecture we discussed plants transitioning from water to land, thus pretend you were this plant clearly identify at least theree things you need to survive on land.

Distinguishing characteristics of lichens

Determine the distinguishing characteristics of lichens with regard to their nutritional needs, and what are the roles of the fungus and the alga that make up lichens?

How many chromosomes are moving to each pole

If an organism has a diploid number of 16, how many chromatids are visible at the end of mitotic prophase? How many chromosomes are moving to each pole during mitotic anapha

Describe pathological processes involved in achondroplasia

Describe the pathological (disease) processes involved in achondroplasia, and answer this question: Why do individuals with achondroplasia have a normal sized head but abnor

Isolated or parts of a multicellular body

Cells talk to each other, whether they are isolated or parts of a multicellular body. Using cells in an animal as your models, explain the general ways in which cell communica

Determine the membrane potential

Suppose that the proton motive force calculated for a bacterial cell is -187 mV. If the change in pH at 25 degrees Celsius is +0.1 (2.3RT/F or Z=59), Determine the membrane po

Law of conservation of energy

According to the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can change from one form to another 1. A boy doing a cannonball into the pool.


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