Hormone problem and paralysis

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1. You have a friend who thinks she has a "hormone problem." She is afraid to go to the doctor to be examined. Write a letter to her describing the diagnostic laboratory tests used to diagnose endocrine problems, keeping in mind that your friend does not know medical jargon. Explain the medical terms that you use. Refer to the textbook for tests used to diagnose endocrine problems. Make sure to include and explain the following diagnostic tests in the letter: 

1.Glucose tolerance test
2.Insulin tolerance test
3.Protein-bound iodine
4.Fasting blood sugar
5.Thyroid function test
6.Total calcium

2. Write a medical report describing the history, symptoms, and physical examination findings of a patient with Bell's Palsy. To get an idea of the report format, refer to the history and physical examination report for this week or examples in the textbook. Make sure to use the following terms in the medical report in a manner that demonstrates your knowledge of their meaning:

2.7th nerve
3.Herpes simplex
4.Electromyography (EMG)
6.Nerve conduction velocity (NCV)
7.CT Scan
11.Crocodile tears 
14.Common cold.

Reference no: EM13196475

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