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Discuss Wodiczko's comment, "It seems easier to be honest speaking to thousands of people through a monument than to tell the truth at home to the closest person."

Answer- Wodiczko's comment means that participants are free to express themselves through a monument, to a large audience without being judged. It allows for their tragedies to be told and they are not left with fear, wondering what the reaction(s) will be or how they will be judged by the person(s) on the other end. It also opens the public's eyes to the tragedies and misfortunes that people have had to live through while allowing the participants the opportunity to express whatever they are feeling and what they are struggling with. This technique and style of art is both moving and therapeutic.

Question -Provide a meaningful response to the answer above.

Criteria - No word limit and no page requirement; your responses need to be substantial, meaning they should contribute some further thoughts to the conversation. Responses saying only "I agree," or "Good Job" are empty posts and not counted towards your post total. Response must add to and advances the discussion; be thoughtful, introspective, and relevant to topic; include a personal example or application.

Reference no: EM13171377

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