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Let x and y be points on the sphere. find a homeomorphism of the sphere with itself which takes x to y. Work the same problem with the sphere replaced by the plane and by the torus.

Reference no: EM13134639

Estimate the relative error in the calculated surface area

The circumference of a sphere was measured to be 77 cm with a possible error of 0.5 cm. Use linear approximation to estimate the maximum error in the calculated surface area

Find the amount of interest and the interest rate

James borrows $12,000 for equipment so that he could do some of his personal training work in his garage. He agreed to repay $13,200 after 300 days. Find the amount of inter

Probability mass function mean and variance

Probability Mass Function, Mean and Variance A lot consisting of 100 fuses is inspected by the following procedure: 5 fuses are selected randomly, and if all 5 "blow" at the

Find that the mean gas mileage of its luxury sedan

an auto make estimates that the mean gas mileage of its luxury sedan is at least 25 miles per gallon. a random sample of eight such cars had a mean of 23 miles per gallon an

In what situations would distribution become important

Do you always use the distributive property when multiplying monomials and polynomials? Explain why or why not. In what situations would distribution become important?

What remainder will be obtained by dividing the same number

3. The sum of two numbers is 75 and their difference is 20. Find the difference of their squares. 2. A number when divided by 899 gives a remainder 63. What remainder will be

At what rate is the player distance from the third base

a baseball diamond had the shape of a square with sides of 90 feet long. A player hits the ball and runs tower first base with a speed of 24 feet per second. At what rate is

What will the area be after 6 years

A certain forest covers an area of 3900km2. Suppose that each year this area decreases by 4.25%. What will the area be after 6years? Use the calculator provided and round yo


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