History of telecommunications-overview of cyber security

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During the first week the assigned readings cover four major topics:

The history of telecommunications

A summary of the US regulatory framework that has grown up along with the telecommunications industry

An overview of cyber security

An introduction to networking concepts

Write about an issue within your selected topic area you found interesting or felt was important

-The initial posting should be 2-3 paragraphs long (they do not have to be long paragraphs); it should clearly articulate your thoughts and be grammatically correct; it should be well-reasoned

Reference no: EM13843114

Business operational plans and organizational requirements

Assuming that you work at a private school dealing with issue related to assets management as part of your duties you need to make recommendations about any type of physical r

Implementation of different types of strategy

What is competitive advantage all about? Does it apply to non-profit making organizations? Why or why not? Give real life example(s) to support your discussion. Different orga

Carbon monoxide comes from burning fuels

The air inside our homes is always safe? Indoor air pollution may be more hazardous to your health than outdoor air pollution? Carbon monoxide comes from burning fuels?

Using self-selection segmenting strategy

Identify three different companies that you believe to be using a self-selection segmenting strategy. Describe their strategies and explain some of their similarities and diff

Calculate the annual cost of the current process

ABC Company, a producer of snow boards, is evaluating a new process for applying the ?nish to its snow boards. DEF Company has offered to apply the ?nish for $170,000 in ?xed

Dramatic change in economic conditions

If Luxottica chooses to buy a related organization, such as HVHC Inc., Andrea Guerra can expect which of the following things to happen? The new company will be less likely to

Identify and cite an action from oxo

Identify and cite an action from Oxo, and label/name the action as to what strategy it is. List (separately) as many actions and strategies as possible which, you believe, t

What are the advantages of resource leveling

What are the advantages of resource leveling? What is involved in conducting procurements? How do project teams develop a list of qualified sellers? What are some of the main


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