Historical development and the constitution

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There will be one paper that is to be 7-10 pages in length. The paper is a research paper, so be sure to have a number of academic sources, cite them, and explain how you came to your conclusion over the specific topic. The topic will be regarding Congress, and more information will become available as we come closer to the middle of the semester, by which you should begin writing your paper. Therefore, as with everything else in the course, it is imperative that you attend class so you do not fall behind.

Topics were discussed in classes:

1. Discussion Topic: Historical Development and the Constitution
2. Discussion Topic: The Current Environment
3. Discussion Topic: The House of Representatives
4. Discussion Topic: The Senate
5. Discussion Topic: The Committee System
The Leadership

The Law Making Process

6. Discussion Topic: Partisanship and Personal Interests
7. Discussion Topic: Elections
8. Discussion Topic: The Media
9. Discussion Topic: Congress and the Presidency

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Reference no: EM13707514

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