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Hip hop research paper-

Your research paper assignment is to write an 8-10 pg. double-spaced paper (i.e. including work cited page) on the topic of your choice. You must use 5 article sources from the Hip Hop Studies Reader that we have not read.

You must also integrate any of our class readings into your argument. Feel free to see me for help and/or possible outlines. It is standard format of 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, and one inch margins. Please put a title to your essay and center it on the page. Also put your name and our classroom information on the top-left corner of the page. Use MLA parenthetical citations.

Here are few things to keep in mind when writing your paper.

1) Introduction Central Idea and Thesis: The first paragraph should grab the reader's attention. The thesis (i.e. what you will argue) is clearly stated. Show the reader why the topic matters.

2) Organization: The essay should be well-organized. One idea follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions.

3) Understanding of Text: The essay should clearly lay out the main argument of the authors you are reading. Demonstrate a clear grasp of a difficult concept with a good example. Pay attention not simply to the content of the author's argument but also the methods by which they address an issue.

4) Critical Evaluation of the Text: Critical evaluation is not always negative it can be positive. On the negative side you can briefly step outside a view and raise an objection to it from a different perspective. After raising an objection you may offer a response that tries to minimize the force of an objection. On the positive side you can try and extend someone's view and apply it to a different situation or you could show why the argument is original or a good reminder or may point out various strengths in the author's argument or approach. Whether you show limitations of a view or its strengths or both you must give reasons in support of your evaluations. Please try and give a sophisticated response to the text that is clear and demonstrates that you "got what he/she tried to say" and you critically thought about it.

5) Mechanics: Try and have few, if any, spelling, punctuation, organization, grammar or usage errors.

Reference no: EM13887174

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