Highly concentrated solution of salt water is known as sole

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1. A highly concentrated solution of salt water is known as sole (pronounced, soh-lay). It is prepared by dissolving large amounts of salt in water until the water is saturated with salt. Explain in detail the properties of water that make it such a good solvent for the salt to dissolve into. 2. A population of grasshoppers in the Kansas prairie has two color phenotypes, green and brown. Typically, the prairie receives adequate water to maintain healthy, green grass. Assume birds that eats grasshoppers move into the prairie. Explain how the presence of the birds will affect natural selection of the grasshoppers? Explain how the presence of the birds might affect natural selection of grasshoppers in a drought year? 3. Lithops are a type of plant that resembles little stones; as such, they are called Stoneplants. These plants have the ability to blend in with their surrounding, which affords them protection from predators. You find yourself in an area that is full of these plants. Describe four characteristics of the Lithops you could use to distinguish these biotic plants from the abiotic stones they mimic. 4. Stephanie sold her vacation in home in Miami. She then used the money from the sale to invest in a time-share property in the Poconos. Explain how these two transactions are analogous to the ionic and covalent bonding of atoms. 

Reference no: EM13810558

Strategy for a virus

Describe these strategies. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy for a virus? Give an example of a specific virus and how it follows one of the strategies

Calculate what fraction of the threonine side chains

The amino acid threonine has a hydroxyl side chain for which the pKa is 8.18. Calculate what fraction of the threonine side chains will carry a negative charge at pH 7.

Application of a specific nursing theory

The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize one strategy for the application of a specific nursing theory to resolving a problem or issue of nursing practice in nursing

Postconviction dna testing

If you disagree with the Court, then what do you think about the necessary resources to accommodate prisoners with their DNA testing requests? Think about costs, manpower, t

How does the structure of dna

1. How does the structure of DNA (double helix) determine how the genetic information is passed on? 2. How does the cell use the information contained in the DNA to construct

Research two common polar molecules

Research two common, polar molecules and two common nonpolar molecules. Draw their molecular structure and explain how the structure makes each molecule polar or non-polar (I

Compare and contrast the shape of most animal cells

(A) Compare and contrast the shape of most animal cells with respect to most plant cells in terms of osmotic potential? (B) What is it that osmosis requires that sets it apa

Island and mainland populations

Water snakes are common in the area around Lake Erie. They live on the mainland as well as islands in the lake. The island and mainland populations are relatively isolated


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