Higher load be sign of problems in the insurance market

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Economists often assume that insurers set premiums (nearly) equal to the AFP for that plan. Is that an accurate assumption? Is a higher “load” on insurance premiums necessarily a bad thing for consumers? When might a higher load be a sign of problems in the insurance market?

Reference no: EM13886557

Decreasing the share of recreation and education

Statistics Canada has recently adjusted the CPI basket of goods and services by increasing the share of shelter in total expenditure from 25.7 to 27.5 percent, and decreasing

How serious an offense should illegal immigration

Just how serious an offense should illegal immigration be? Construct arguments in favor of considering it a felony and arguments for viewing it as a mere civil infraction. 75

Price because of the shortage in a free market

A) Using two separate supply and demand graphs, graphically show and verbally explain how a shortage is created by each of the two changes. B) Explain what eventually happen

Sigma effort can reduce the defects to a six sigma level

Vera source Microprocessor Corporation (VMC) sells 2000 specialized computer processing chips each month at a price of $1,500 each. Variable costs amount to $1,500,000, and fi

Spent on exporting domestic goods

If U.S. spent on $100 on consumption, $500 on investment, $200 on importing goods or services from foreign countries and $600 on government spending in 2015. Then how much U.S

The principal amount to be repaid at the end of three years

Consider a three-year $2,000 par value coupon bond that has a present value of $2,140. If the annual rate of discount is 7 percent, and the payment made at the end of each yea

What is impact of government shutdown on the budget

In this discussion, you will compare and contrast monetary and fiscal policies. Consider two recent national crisis points: 9/11 and the banking failures of 2008. Was fiscal o

Consider the discrete bertrand game described

Consider the discrete Bertrand game described in the Oligopoly lecture notes/video. According to the rules of this game each student selects a number from the set {0,1,2, 3, 4


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