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For Cellular respiration I am confused on why Citrate can accumulate in the Krebs cycle when there is high amounts of ATP. Is there some sort of pathway being blocked... and if so how? Also they same thing applies to glucose-6-phosphate, why does it accumulate with high ATP. I learned that once it accumulates it can bind allosterically to inhibit its production. I just do not understand how it accumulates in the first place.

Reference no: EM132280365

Why cant they pass through the plasma membran

O2, CO2, Sugars, Vitamins Na+, K+, H2O are all molecules that need to be constantly entering and exiting the cell. Which of these molecules will be able to passively diffuse

Which child is most expected to be the tallest

Also glucose technically doesn't have a carbonyl functional group then because it is broken when the ring structure is formed? Is it a random chance that either alpha or beta

Difference of martian code and earth code

Suppose that you discover a new life form on Mars. These organisms have DNA containing the same four nucleotides as Earth DNA. They also make proteins using a triplet code, so

What are the genotypes of the woman-her father

A woman has a rar abnormality of the eyelids called ptosis, whichprevents her from opening her eyes completely. This condition iscaused by a dominant allele, P. The woman's

What rate of increase in rgdp

Spiny species of diatoms are found both in warm subtropical waters in addition to in colder areas. Since warm water is less dense than cold water, would you predict any differ

What is resistance and how is it relevant to suppression

Resistance seems to be an inevitable biological phenomenon. What is resistance and how is it relevant to suppression of malaria (discuss two examples). Is resistance inevita

Terms of pigments and absorption spectra

If you were to use an aquatic plantfor your starting material, what would you expect to see in terms of pigments and absorption spectra, incomparison to your observed result

Determine the concentration of your overnight culture

Assume that you measure the OD of an overnight E.coli culture. The spectrophotometer gives you a reading of 2.8. What would you do to determine the concentration of your ove


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