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For Cellular respiration I am confused on why Citrate can accumulate in the Krebs cycle when there is high amounts of ATP. Is there some sort of pathway being blocked... and if so how? Also they same thing applies to glucose-6-phosphate, why does it accumulate with high ATP. I learned that once it accumulates it can bind allosterically to inhibit its production. I just do not understand how it accumulates in the first place.

Reference no: EM132280365

The difference between positive and negative control

Explain the difference between positive and negative control over transcription. Why is it advantageous for the lac operon in E. coli to be under both positive and negative

Knows about gram-negative k

Irene reviewed what she knows about gram-negative K. pneumoniae bacteria.  Although this bacteria is part of normal intestinal microbiota, outside its typical environment it

Example to concepts of biotic integrity

Are animals in zoos or aquariums better off than their counterparts in the wild? Why or why not? Choose an animal species and discuss relative levels of competition, parasit

Synthesis of fatty acids

Synthesis of fatty acids requires the movement of citrate out of the mitochondria. This occurs under conditions of high levels of acetyl CoA which is required to stimulate the

Clinical history-morbid obesity

Gross Descriptions: The specimen is labeled with the patient's name and "liver biopsy" and consists of a 2 cm needle core of greenish tissue. Microscopic Description: Sectio

How you will measure enzyme activity

Do not post your entire outline, just include a brief description of the type of enzyme you plan to use, how you will measure enzyme activity and what type of treatments you

Identify transcription factors that bind to an isolated

DNA footprinting allows isolation of DNA sequences that bind specific transcription factors. Describe an experimental protocol to identify transcription factors that bind to

How many times would it reach the moon and back

If you took all of the nuclear DNA in your body and lined it up end to end, would it be long enough to reach the moon? If so, how many times would it reach the moon and b


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