Heather owns a home with a replacement cost

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Heather owns a home with a replacement cost of $400,000 that is insured under a Homeowners 3 policy for $280,000. The roof was badly damaged in a severe windstorm, and it will cost $20,000 to repair the roof. The actual cash value of the loss is $10,000. Ignoring any deductible, how much will Heather collect from the insurer?

Reference no: EM131047062

Weighted average cost of capital play

What role does the weighted average cost of capital play when determining a project's cost of capital? You should answer this question by differentiating company WACC from p

Determine efficience and praice variances

quantity variable, quanitity fixes, unit cost, variable cost, averge fixed cost, average total cost in addition to patient days and expected days. I have another table with

Inflate the estimates of returns to be earned

Capital budgeting decisions are usually made by teams of executives from various divisions within a corporation. Departmental managers, when presenting their capital budgeting

Personal ethical perspective on discrimination

Also, how does your personal ethical perspective on discrimination- intentional or unintentional- compare to the culture of a particular group to which you currently belong,

What is the return on equity

A company has taxable income of $3,200 with a tax rate of 38 percent. Owners equity is: $3400 in stock, $400 in capital surplus, and $100 in retained earnings. What is the r

What is the amount of your weekly payment

FIN502 PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING ASSIGNMENT. Prepare a mortgage amortization schedule to illustrate how the mortgage will be repaid over the next 20 years and calculate the

Calculate the bond current price

A $1,000 corporate bond has an 8% annual coupon with semi-annual payments and compounding, with 10 years to maturity. The current market for a similar bond is 7% annual yiel

Dtetermining the gain for the swiss franc bid rate

Assume the bid rate of a Swiss franc is $.57 while the ask rate is $.579 at Bank X. Assume the bid rate of the Swiss franc is $.560 while the ask rate is $.566 at Bank Y.


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