Heat transfer involved in process closed system-ideal gas

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1 kg water in a piston cylinder device is initially at 250 degrees C and 300kpa (state 1) a total of 700 kj of work is done on the water in order to isothermally reduce its volume to 1/20 of its initial volume (state 2) determine the magnitude and the direction of the heat transfer involved in this process closed system and ideal gas please show steps

Reference no: EM13701663

Find the angular acceleration of the tiller in the position

The mechanism shown in the figure has been employed as a marine steering linkage called a Raphson's slide. O2B represents the tiller and AC is the actuating rod that is pinned

For a control volume enclosing the heat exchanger

Saturated water vapor at 100 kPa enters a counter flow heat exchanger operating at steady state and exits at 20C with a negligible change in pressure. Ambient air at 275 K, 1

How does mc rises when ac rises?

In Indian agriculture, we obtain 120million tons of food grains, by employing 20 millions of labourers, if it employs one more million labour, production rises by 6 million to

Find the available npsh

A pump draws benzene at 25°C from a tank whose level is 2.6 m above the pump inlet. The suction line has a head loss of 0.8 N·m/ N. The atmospheric pressure is measured to b

Determine the reaction force exerted by the nozzle

a curved nozzle assembly that discharges to the atmosphere is shown. The nozzle mass is 4.5 kg and its internal volume is 0.002 m^3. The fluid is water. determine the reacti

Find the stream function c

Show that the ?ow represented by f ¼ 10r cos y þ 40 ln r m2=s is an incompressible ?ow. Also, (a) Find the stream function c. (b) Find the pressure along the negative x-axis i

Compute the delivered heating cost for coalfired heating

Compute the delivered heating cost ($/MMBtu) for coalfired heating units (i.e., furnace, boiler) based upon a heating value of 18 100 000 Btu/ton and a cost of $150/ton.

Determine the total power dissipated from the disks

The paint on the rotating disk is worn off by dust in the air, exposing the base metal, which has an emissivity of s = 0.10. Determine the total power dissipated from the di


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