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To be healthy, a person must keep their body a certain temperature, heart rate and blood pressure must be kept within certain range, water content and glucose must be within a certain range. Many things in our body must be regulated and kept within certain ranges or our body will get sick - even die. Homeostasis is our body keeping these things the same (or within these allowed ranges).

Now think of our cell with its amazing cell membrane. Homeostasis is vital to our cell too. It must keep itself a certain temperature or its proteins will denature. It must regulate its water content, or it will swell and explode. It must get rid of waste. It must allow nutrients and essential elements in, but not let in toxins, bad bacteria or viruses to get in.Homeostasis is vital to the cell, when it fails the cell gets sick. Too many sick cells in our body and we begin to feel the sickness.

This is where much of todays research in medicine is focused. Health at the cellular level.

List 5-7 things a cell must regulate to maintain homeostasis

Using one example from your list above, Tell me briefly how the cell regulates this?

Reference no: EM132280516

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