Healthcare in the united sates vs united kingdom

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Healthcare in the United Sates vs United Kingdom

1. The difference between United States and United Kingdom

A. First supporting information for the sub-topic

1. United States have Medicaid and Medicare

2. There is a cost for healthcare

Healthcare benefits both country offers

1. United Kingdom (UK) has National Health Services

2. Healthcare is free

I.  Healthcare cost

A. First supporting information for the sub-topic

1. The United States (US) in out ranking in cost for healthcare Insurance

2. Obama is making healthcare Insurance affordable for everyone

B. Second supporting information for the sub-topic

1. England healthcare cost are less and cover more than the United States

2. NHS allows free healthcare for all citizens

II. What are the countries ratings in Healthcare

A. First supporting information for the sub-topic

1. The US ranks last in healthcare outcomes

2. The US has it strengths in different areas

B. Second supporting information for the sub-topic

1. The UK  ranks first number one

2. The top producing country, with weakness that needs to be improved

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Reference no: EM13708914

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