Healthcare facility is focused on readmission rates

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A healthcare facility is focused on 20 day readmission rates. In a previous circumstance where of 50,000 discharges, 5,200 were not re-admitted within 2 days and came from urban areas. There were 32,000 rural discharges, where patients were admitted within the 20 day window out of the rural discharges of 38,000. What can you conclude given this information?

Reference no: EM131282893

How wingtip can minimized the total cost

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Because Information Systems advances so rapidly professionals find it difficult to make informed decisions regarding computer purchases. What factors cause this difficulty? Pl

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Describe the equilibrium price and quantity in this market. Assume that the government imposes a price floor of $12 in the E-Book market. Explain what would happen in this mar

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Assume you are the responsible senior executive of a hospital in a city with a population of 30,000 people, located about 50 miles away from a large city. What would be the

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A production line has 5 workstations and a 60-second cycle time. The total amount of actual task time across all four workstations is 120 seconds. What is the idle time? The p

Does the fact that parties live in different jurisdictions

Adrian Reese, a resident of New York, owned a strip mall located in Ohio, which he leased out to different businesses. The tenants in the building had complained that the two

Consider adopting a global geographical structure

Under what conditions should a company consider adopting a global geographical structure as opposed to a global product structure? Why? Is it logical for a transnational organ


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