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In your judgment what are the most important ideas you learned in the lessons studied since the last journal entry? Include one idea per major area studied. (See the list of major areas below) Describe these ideas following the relevant principles of critical thinking (clarity, accuracy, precision, and depth). Write at least a one paragraph description for each of the ideas you have selected. Next explain why you think that the ideas you selected are important - in particular how each idea contributes toward a better understanding of human psychology and how these ideas have relevance and application toward the improvement of human life and mental well being. Write at least one paragraph per idea explaining your reasons for including that idea. Finally, in one or two concluding paragraphs, describe how the learning and understanding of these new ideas enhanced or changed the way that you think about people including yourself. 
Four major areas: 
Health, Stress, and Coping 
Psychological Disorders 
Approaches to Treatment and Therapy 
Contemporary and Future Issues in Psychology

Reference no: EM13219471

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