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Health Information Management (HIM) professionals face a variety of legal scenarios on a daily basis. The response to these scenarios must be prompt and appropriate. compose your thoughts on how you would handle the situation as the manager of the health information services department. Suppose you are the HIM Director at a large medical center that offers inpatient, outpatient, and emergency care at several sites in one state. Your medical center has announced that it will acquire a facility offering similar services in a neighboring state. The laws and regulations governing the retention and destruction of health records differ between these states. How does the lack of a consistent set of laws and regulations on these two matters affects the institution you serve, and outline the steps you would take to deal with the situation?

Reference no: EM131030855

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From your perspective as a health care professional and/or consumer, summarize two or three of the most important messages of the IOM reports To Err is Human and Crossing th

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Unfortunately, it costs to be sick and the health care industry and pharmaceutical industry are worth billions therefore; it’s more cost effective to prevent disease then to c

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