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In this simulation, you are the procurement manager of a large hospital within the Bright Road Health Care System, and you are faced with a dilemma. You need to consider the good of the individual vs. the community, PR for the hospital, humanitarian aspects, the future cost of the medicine and whether or not substitutes are available, and the future needs of the hospital when making a decision. Work through the entire Stockpiling scenario and discuss your recommendations. Your recommendations MUST be specific to this Learnscape scenario and demonstrate an understanding of the scenario. Also, discuss how the "Big 8" would influence your decision to the recommendation you made.

Reference no: EM131424001

Practices of strategic planning or execution

Briefly describe one of the tools or best practices of strategic planning or execution (implementation) (SWOT, Service-Value Chain, Appreciative Inquiry, etc.). Provide a URL/

Recruiting-retention-compensation and benefits management

What does the high cost of replacing an international manager suggests regarding staffing philosophies i.e. recruiting, retention, compensation/benefits management, training a

Explain the importance of financial information

Explain the importance of financial information in a healthcare organization. Who are the stakeholders in the organization that need financial information and how is it used?

What is the percentage change in productivity

A retail store had sales of $45,100 in April and $55,200 in May. The store employs eight full-time workers who work a 40-hour week. In April the store also had seven part-time

Priority rules-first-come and first-served rule

In the list of priority rules, there is no first-come/first-served (FCFS) rule, yet most banks, cafeterias, and theater ticket booths use this rule in waiting on patrons. Why

Assume that equipment problems reduce the firm

Assume that equipment problems reduce the firm capacity for assembling bases to 50 units per week. Revise your material plan for bases to reflect this, but still meet delive

Just in time and lean manufacturing related

How are Quality, Just in Time (JIT) and Lean Manufacturing related? As an operation manager for a medium size company, how would you effectively use JIT to satisfy your custom

Manufacturing process consists of three sequential operation

A manufacturing process consists of three sequential operations. At maximum capacity, operation A can output 120 units per hour, Operation B can output 135 units per hour, and


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