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Risk assessment and risk management report

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Word Limit- maximum 2000 words

This assignment will provide students with the opportunity to apply into practice the knowledge gained in this unit. Students will be required to undertake a risk assessment in a real workplace. Site visits will be organised for internal students. External students have to arrange a site to visit for themselves but the site has to be suitable and adequate for the assignment's requirements and must be approved by the Unit-Coordinator.

Hazard identification and risk assessment involves a critical sequence of information gathering and the application of a decision-making process. These assist in identifying all potential hazards and how likely it is thatan injury/adverse health effect would occur and the potential consequences (risk assessment) and what optionsthere are for preventing and mitigating injuries and adverse health effects (control measures) in a workplace.

These activities should also assist in improving operations and productivity and reduce the occurrence of incidents and near misses.

All students are expected to undertake and then to write a Risk Assessment and Risk Management Report. The Report must be presented in the following format (asa further guidance please refer to the criteria listed in the rubric for the RA&RM report, provided below):

Format of the Risk Assessment and Risk Management Report
1. Cover Page/Title
2. Contents Page
3. Executive Summary
4. Introduction
5. Aim/ Objectives of the project
6. Methods
7. Results
8. Discussion and recommendations
9. References

1. Cover Page
This must contain:
• Topic title
• Student's name and CURTIN ID number
• Title and number of unit
• Name of lecturer or tutor
• Date written in full, ie day, month and year

2. Contents page

3. Executive Summary

The Executive Summary should provide brief details of the project, concise results and recomendations. It should be no more than half an A4 page long.

4. Introduction

This section provides information about the workplace and justifies the project.

5. Aim/Objectives

These are short statements, often in point form, which serve to define outcomes of the project and what the project is trying to achieve.

The objectives should be in logical sequence.

6. Methods

This is an overview of how the project objectives will be achieved. A good project design or methodology is crucial to the smooth running of the risk assessment.

7. Results

The result section should report the findings related to the project's specific objectives. Graphs and tables are encouraged to use when presenting the results.

8. Discussion and recommendations

The discussion section is the heart of a report. It reflects the assessor's interpretation of the results in terms of the objectives. In this section the assessor can express opinions based on the findings and should make suggestions and recommendations on control measures and for future investigations.

9. References

These should be listed at the end of the project proposal in the APA 6th Edition referencing style. You should acknowledge any significant assistance you have received during the risk assessment.

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Reference no: EM13847332

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