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Assignment: Western District

You (the student) have been recently promoted to be the Commander of the Western District in Big City, USA. Your LE intelligence section has provided you several intelligence reports on gang and drug activity in the district based on your earlier tasking (see below). You will evaluate the intelligence product provided by your LE intelligence analyst section.

1. Do the products provide you sufficient information to make an informed decision? What is it missing from the reports? Are they speculative or well reasoned and supported by evidence?

2. Has the analyst collaborated with other agencies?

3. Does the report generate additional questions to be researched? Has the intelligence been validated?

4. Have the analysts clearly separated the facts from the analysis?

5. Are the sources reliable? If so, what are they and what is the likely data source? If the report is complete, what action does the chief take?

6. Was the intelligence legally collected?

Two part requirement

1. Write an evaluation of the reports addressed to the Intelligence Section of the assessment of their work. At least 800-1000 words

2. Write an Executive Summary to the Police Chief (your boss) explaining your directions to the Intelligence Sections to develop the report, your evaluation of their work and your recommendations. 500-750 words

The following reports were submitted for review along with Crime Data chart (See attached file: Table 1) for Western District of Big City USA. The first report addresses the analysis of the Crime Data Chart and additional research. The second report is primarily based on confidential informant reporting and other investigative reports and databases.

Intelligence Report 1: In 2016, 23 murders[1] occurred in the Western District. After conducting interviews with lead detectives and thoroughly reviewing the criminal databases, court records, and investigative reports, the Intelligence Section determined the most murder victims in the Western District[2] are tied to the two gangs, the Diamonds and the Rocks who are operating within The Big City USA and the surrounding counties. According to the Big City Gang Threat Assessment[3] the local branch chapters of the Diamonds and Rocks harbor deep hatred toward each other and each considers the other a rival. While some of the murders appear to be gang revenge killings, some of the victims are not tied to either gang and their gang affiliation is unknown. About half the murders have occurred on W. Gerald, West Park and N. Main which are well known streets for drug selling and gang activity. [4] Several of the victims were in possession of California licenses [5] and one murder victim held a foreign passport from the Western African nation, Tanzania.[6] In over 75% of the murders a 9 mm caliber weapon[7] was used. Small amounts of cocaine and heroin were found near several of the victims.

Intelligence Report 2: According to confidential informant reporting[8] from the Big City detention facility the prison gang Big River Gang's (BRG) is expanding their turf outside the Big City USA Detention Facility to the Western and Eastern Districts. BRG members are well established in the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) and throughout the state. Organized BRG activity has been reported in seven counties and Big City, mainly surrounding DPSCS facilities. [9] According to a defendant [10] seeking a favorable plea agreement for attempted murder the Big River Gang has reportedly obtained a new shipment of weapons via the Big City USA Port from an overseas supplier. The informant says the Big River Gang intends to use those weapons to push out other gangs out of the Eastern and Western Districts to establish control over the illegal drug distribution in the districts. Surveillance video and electronic listening devices [11]directed at a Big River Gang gathering at a public park recorded gang members discussing in vague terms new international and domestic sources for their products. It should be noted that the Big River has reportedly several legitimate clothing stores which sell clothing manufactured overseas. A Big City USA undercover police officer also has reported that he heard several Big River Gang members discussing the "removal" of roadblocks in expanding their operations in the city back in April.

Doctrinal References for Students

• Law Enforcement Analytic Standards (2nd End) https://www.it.ojp.gov/documents/d/Law%20Enforcement%20Analytic%20Standards%2004202_combined_compliant.pdf

• Table 1 Big City Western Murder Statistics for 2016

• Big City Gang Database

• Big City Threat Assessment dated 01/15/2016

• Table 1 Big City Western Murder Statistics for 2015

• Investigative Report dated June 15, 2016

• Investigative Report dated April 26, 2016

• FBI N- DEx

• Confidential Informant report dated 05/15/2015

• Big City Gang Taskforce Database

• Grand jury Testimony dated 04/13/2016.

Attachment:- Table 1.rar

Reference no: EM131415116

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