Hannon corporation produces high-performance rotors it

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1) Mussatto Corporation produces snowboards. The following per unit cost information is available: direct materials $16; direct labor $5; variable manufacturing overhead $9; fixed manufacturing overhead $12; variable selling and administrative expenses $6; and fixed selling and administrative expenses $13. Using a 43% markup percentage on total per unit cost, compute the target selling price. (Round answer to 2 decimal places, e.g. 10.50.)

Target selling price$

2) Hannon Corporation produces high-performance rotors. It expects to produce 76,000 rotors in the coming year. It has invested $15,200,000 to produce rotors. The company has a required return on investment of 19%. What is its ROI per unit? (Round answer to the nearest whole dollar, e.g. 25)

ROI per unit$

3)The Heating Division of KLM International produces a heating element that it sells to its customers for $44 per unit. Its variable cost per unit is $15, and its fixed cost per unit is $9. Top management of KLM International would like the Heating Division to transfer 14,680 heating units to another division within the company at a price of $29. The Heating Division is operating at full capacity. What is the minimum transfer price that the Heating Division

Reference no: EM13582971

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