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Hale Hardware takes pride as the “shop around the corner” that can compete with the big-box home improvement stores by providing good service from knowledgeable sales associates (many of whom are retired local handymen). Hale has developed the following two revenue arrangements to enhance its relationships with customers and increase its bottom line. 1. Hale sells a specialty portable winch that is popular with many of the local customers for use at their lake homes (putting docks in and out, launching boats, etc.). The Hale winch is a standard manufacture winch that Hale modifies so the winch can be used for a variety of tasks. Hale sold 70 of these winches during 2014 at a total price of $21,000, with a warranty guarantee that the product was free of any defects. The cost of winches sold is $16,000. The assurance warranties extend for a 3-year period with an estimated cost of $2,100. In addition, Hale sold extended warranties related to 20 Hale winches for 2 years beyond the 3-year period for $400 each. 2. To bolster its already strong customer base, Hale implemented a customer loyalty program that rewards a customer with 1 loyalty point for every $10 of purchases on a select group of Hale products. Each point is redeemable for a $1 discount on any purchases of Hale merchandise in the following 2 years. During 2014, customers purchased select group products for $100,000 (all products are sold to provide a 45% gross profit) and earned 10,000 points redeemable for future purchases. The standalone selling price of the purchased products is $100,000. Based on prior experience with incentives programs like this, Hale expects 9,500 points to be redeemed related to these sales (Hale appropriately uses this experience to estimate the value of future consideration related to bonus points). Collapse question part (b) Prepare the journal entries for Hale related to the sales of Hale winches with warranties. c.) Prepare the journal entries for the bonus point sales for Hale in 2014. d.) How much additional sales revenue is reccognized by Hale in 2015, assuming 4,500 bonus points are redeemed?

Reference no: EM131428237

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