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The growth of international nutrition industries in the global markets have increased a diversity of products into the industry which has impacted heavily on the industry as a whole as the competition has necessitated new products and designs. The rise in global technology has increased the rate and sophistication with which products can be produced, stored and transported from one corner of the globe to another with ease. Communication technology has reduced the gap between diverse cultures and societies, which has introduced imported nutrition ideas and products into the emerging global community. In spite of all the challenges the nutrition industry faces, it has propelled itself as an immerging source of income and as a major economic player in international business. Globalization has impacted both positively and negatively the nutrition industry. These industries target both humans and animals, and regardless of the species targeted, they are expensive and hazardous in terms of health effects. It is for this reason that raw foods are being advocated for animal use.

Raw dog foods diets are designed to resemble a dog's ancestral menu. The whole idea of raw feeding is usually based on a dog's carnivorous bias (an instinctive desire to find or capture and eat another animal). These raw dog foods diets are controversial but their popularity, which emphasizes on bones, fruits, vegetables and meat is rising. Sled dogs and racing greyhounds have eaten raw dog food diets for a long time. Extending those feeding routines to the family dog is a recent idea, proposed by Ian Billinghurst (an Australian veterinarian) in 1993. He called his feeding program the biological appropriate raw foods (BARF) diet. He proposed that adult dogs would advance on a revolutionary diet based on what dogs ate before they were domesticated. Since Ian published his book titled ‘give your dog a bone,' various other kinds of raw dog food dietary have come up. They include commercially processed raw dog food diet that are either freeze dried or frozen and combination food diets that use the blends of vegetables, vitamins and grains that are mixed with meat, which is purchased by the owner at a grocery store. Raw dog food meal suggestions and recipes are widely found in books. Interest from dog owners has continued to grow with widespread recall of pet food that is contaminated by melamine in 2007. Some of the dog food products readily available on the market include; Darwin's natural selection, lotus dog foods, northwest naturals, primal raw foods, Steve's real foods and vital essentials dog foods.

Reference no: EM13255122

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