Growing dna strand during replication of the genome

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What prevents ribonucleotides from being incorporated into the growing DNA strand during replication of the genome? In what aspect of replication are ribonucleotides used, and what ultimately happens to them? (please include source used to answer)

Reference no: EM132279836

Determine the reactants or products

The reaction below has an equilibrium constant Kp=2.2×106 at 298 K.  2COF2(g)?CO2(g)+CF4(g) Express your answer using two significant figures. A. Calculate Kp for the reacti

Creation of the organizational vision and mission

A leader's job is to create the direction for the company to move forward. The leader does this in three major ways the creation of the organizational vision and mission, th

Write historical background of business environment in uae

Write the Historical background of Business Environment in UAE. Characteristics, current scenario, challenges, and opportunities. The influence of the chosen topic on the UAE

Describes the impact of globalization on us businesses

Prepare a 4-6 page paper that describes the impact of globalization on U.S. businesses. In your analysis, please include information about the impact of at least four econom

Explain role of customisation in differentiation strategy

Explain role and impact of the customisation in differentiation strategy. Define business strategy in general and its relation to research key word differentiation str

Fear and love in the workplace

Conduct an Internet and literature search on the topic of joint versus separate preference reversal. Discuss your findings. In your discussion compare and contrast joint and

Marketing efforts paper

Marketing Methods Identified: Description of two marketing methods that are organization-centered. Customer-Focus: Description of two ways that the organization can become mor

Influence of the culutre on leading an organization

You are a manager and leader in adiverse orgainzation that includes locations in many countries. You are asked to careate presetation to share your experiences regarding le


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