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Art Kumar lives on the outskirts of Draper and has a I-acre lot next to his home. He plans to grow vegetables on the lot and sell them at the downtown market during the summer. He doesn't have enough time to grow the vegetables himself so he has hired a local college student to plant and tend the garden and sell the crops at the market. Art is considering five vegetables to pl ant that seem to be popular at the market-asparagus, corn, tomatoes, green beans, and red peppers. Art estimates the following yields per acre for each vegetable-2,000 pounds of asparagus, 7,200 pounds of corn, 25,000 pounds of tomatoes, 3,900 pounds of green beans, and 12,500 pounds of red peppers. The costs per acre are $ 1,800 for asparagus, $ 1,740 for corn, $6,000 for tomatoes, $3,000 for green beans, and $2,700 for red peppers. Asparagus sells for $ 1.90 per pound, corn sells for $0.10 per pound, tomatoes sell for $3.25 per pound, green beans sell for $3 .40 per pound, and red peppers sell for $3.45 per pound. He has budgeted $5,000 for the garden. Talking to some of the other market vendors, he estimates that he will not sell more than 1,200 pounds of asparagus, 10,000 pounds of tomatoes, 2,000 pounds of green beans, and 5,000 pounds of red peppers. Art wants to know the portion of his lot that he should plant with each vegetable in order to maximize his revenue. a. Formulate a linear programming model for this problem

Reference no: EM131037484

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