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For this assignment, imagine that you have been appointed to lead a group of external consultants to devise and deliver a new learning programme for a new service centre (call centre) employing a staff of 250. You may choose to locate this fictional call centre in any place of your choosing, but you must justify your choice based on sound human resource planning grounds. For example, think about the availability of potential employees with the appropriate skills.

The programme which you are to devise is aimed at a group of 36 newly appointed supervisors who work in the call centre which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Produce a document showing the framework of a learning programme that takes place during the supervisors’ first month of employment. You should set out a plan for the month’s training, including a set of learning objectives, content and a justification of the learning methods adopted. You should aim to ensure that the majority of training takes place in a simulated or actual work environment. Up to 3 days (or 6 half days) could take place off the job.

Stage 1

Presentation and justification for your selection of a location for the call centre. This is most likely to be in a location with which you are familiar, so please give some background information and do not assume that your Instructor will be familiar with your country or region (limit of 1,000 words for this section).

A set of learning objectives for the programme (up to 10 objectives for this section).

Reference no: EM131118386

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