Group decision-making tools and techniques

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Group Decision-Making Tools and Techniques

Everyone has undoubtedly experienced a group decision-making situation. It may have been something as simple as which restaurant to go to for a meal or as complicated as the annual budget for a large organization. The common thread between these two situations is that more than one person is involved in making the decision; thus, the group shares decision making.

To prepare for this Discussion, conduct a search on the Internet to find various techniques and tools that people use to make group decisions, such as brainstorming, nominal group techniques, and Delphi.

Provide a list of at least three group decision-making techniques and another list of at least three group decision-making tools. These may include the examples mentioned in the Discussion introduction (brainstorming, nominal group techniques, and Delphi). Select and compare two techniques or two tools. Provide explanations of how they work and how they are used, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to provide web links for colleagues to use to get additional information about the techniques and tools you selected.

Reference no: EM13945732

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