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"GDP" Please respond to the following:

  • In view of the weak economy of the last several years, explain which of the four (4) components of GDP had, or is having, the greatest positive impact in our economy. Use the following historical tables to support your response.
    • Go to the Bureau of Economic Analysis atwww.bea.govNavigate on the home page to where it states "National," then select "Gross Domestic Product". Next, select "GDP and the National Income and Product Account (NIPA) Historical Tables". The direct Web address is



Reference no: EM13870026

How does adaptive leadership link to issues of followership

Check a business or organization that you believe uses adaptive leadership principles and explain how you see the model used in the organization and its effectiveness.

Identify and explain unethical business behavior or practice

Identify and explain the unethical business behavior or practice. Conduct research about the Unethical Practice and the impact of the practice on the company and stakeholder

Probabilities of breakdowns

If the wax pump fails and they have no replacement, they must stop using the machine until the next shipment arrives.  The probabilities of breakdowns during any given year

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Business management,  THINKING ETHICALLY: WHO GAINS FROM EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT?  Do employees who participate in an employee development program have an ethical obligation to

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Develop a crisis communication plan for an organization of your choice. Include a social media policy. You should combine the sections of the plan that you have already worked

Consumer''s social connections

In what ways are social media such as Facebook and YouTube likely to affect a consumer's social connections, cultural considerations, and personal factors, all of which infl

Explain what competitive pressures be prepared to deal with

Explain What competitive pressures must Shearwater Adventures be prepared to deal with? What do we learn about the nature and strength of the competitive pressures Shearwate

Length about the selected manuscript

Locate a recent court case, lawsuit, or article related to employee selection criteria and methods. Write a paper of at least 500 words in length about the selected manuscri


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