Greatest free speech rights-corporations-public employees

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Examine the Citizens United decision in and determine which of the following groups has the greatest free speech rights: corporations, public employees, or private employees. Provide a rationale for your determination.

Reference no: EM131118372

Develop a list of questions about the patient flow process

Contact the emergency department at a local hospital and ask to set up an interview with an administrator or manager in this ED. This must be someone who can discuss process

Company current capital structure and leverage

Consider yourself to be a business loan analyst for a bank. A small business has submitted an application for a follow-on loan in order to purchase capital equipment to make t

International businesspeople avoid relying on self-reference

How can international businesspeople avoid relying on the self-reference criterion when dealing with people from other cultures? Does it make a difference if the business acti

Single most important requirement for managerial success

Some people have suggested that understanding human behavior at work is the single most important requirement for managerial success. Do you agree or disagree with this statem

Employees lack technological expertise to produce

Karen has just completed a assessment that indicates that her employees lack technological expertise to produce a new product line she has discovered one of firms. which one i

Discuss the concept of birth tourism

In your initial post, discuss the concept of "birth tourism" and how that process works, including the pros and cons as you see them. Finally, state your personal thoughts on

Supplier relationship with the receiving organization

Explain the VOC concept, then link VOC to the supplier relationship with the receiving organization. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of practicing VOC in this manner,

Cutting the costs for compliance-non-specific compensation

Cut the costs for compliance versus non-specific compensation. Explain with example the difference between 'cutting the costs for compliance' and 'non-specific compensation'.


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