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The equation for the demand curve for hotel rooms in Boston is given by P = 5000-0.48Qd. The supply curve is given by P = 0.02Qs. Prices are nightly rates in dollars. Show your work

A. Graph the supply and demand curves.

B. If a price ceiling of $150per month were instituted in the city of Boston, what would be the new price and quantity of hotel rooms actually traded?

C. If a sales tax of $10 per night is instituted by the city of Boston to be collected from suppliers, what is the equilibrium price and quantity with the tax? Add this situation to your graph.

Reference no: EM13735443

New software application or business web app

Please read instructions carefully. Speaker notes must also be included. Original work only please. Resource: Ch. 10, "Designing Forms and Reports" Design two forms for a new

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Manager of a computer company plans to spend on new hardware $3.5 million in the first year with amounts decreasing by $0.2 million each year thereafter. Income of the company

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An oil and gas XYZ company expects to produce 200,000 barrels of oil in time to deliver it on March 1, 2015. The management needs at least $30,000,000 for the oil to pay salar

Equilibrium price-quantity in market usually produces

The equilibrium price and quantity in a market usually produces allocation efficiency because marginal benefit and marginal cost are equal at that point. Explain how a market

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Imagine that a $10,000 ten-year bond was issued at an interest rate of 6%. You are thinking about buying this bond one year before the end of the ten years, but interest rates

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Home has 600 units of labor available. It can produce two goods, apples (QA) and bananas (QB). The unit labor requirement in apple production is 3, while it is 2 in banana pro

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A bridge has maintenance costs of $70,000 now, $100,000 seven years from now, and annual costs of $10,000 per year starting in year 10 and lasting forever. What is the equival

Monopoly involves a dead weight loss to society

If monopoly involves a deadweight loss to society so that consumers pay a higher price for the product and have less than an optimal amount of it available, why does our gover


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