Governments should protect local industries

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Many people feel that governments should protect local industries and local jobs with protectionist laws.

Do you feel that your country's government should do more to protect local industries? What are your reasons?

Reference no: EM131285156

Autonomous identity for an organization

Develop an autonomous identity for an organization where you work or with whom you have been involved. Focus on the following: Reflect on your own organization's areas for gro

Health services strategic marketing

Health Services Strategic Marketing: Suggest at least two (2) examples that support the notion of the limiting life span of health care products as a necessity in the ongoing

How you see potential of tools to help in marketing campaign

Describe how you see the potential of these tools to help in a marketing campaign for a small business. determine the best possible way to leverage Facebook, Twitter, and othe

Formulating a strategy and choosing a promotional technique

Formulating a strategy and choosing a promotional technique are also important aspects of the marketing process but an organization can't do those things with out setting a

How the marketing plan is helpful to the organization

This project, you are to provide what the marketing plan is and research the different components of the marketing plan. You will also provide how the marketing plan is help

Summarize these product and why you think loyalty is so high

Search the internet for the websites of these products. Compare and contrast between the products' positioning on their websites. Discuss what you as a manager would do diff

What is product life cycle

What is product life cycle? What are the different stages of product life cycle? Identify and describe each stage in your own words. Describe at least two distinct promotion

Asia youngsters mimic american trends

Focus group research conducted by advertising agencies like Leo Burnett shows that Asia's youngsters (the proverbial X-generation) mimic American trends, but at the same tim


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