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Cam studied international relations in college and is interested in working for the government or for a non-profit organization. Which job sites should he use? Select the answer.

  • idealist
  • monster
  • careerbuilder
  • linkedin
  • usajobs "working for america"

Reference no: EM132184781

Write a memo in which you communicate a negative message

Write a 1- to 2-page formal letter or memo in which you communicate a negative message. You may select from one of scenarios Tell your investors or employees about a recent

Evaluate the various stakeholder interests

Evaluate the various stakeholder interests and resource constraints. What strategies did you employ to balance these different interests and constraints?

Competition and free trade

Competition and Free Trade - Does exposure to competition with the world leader in a particular industry improve a firm's productivity? Showcase your argument

Marketing research and promotion of customer loyalty

Marketing research is a valuable resource that guides organizations' decision making. As noted in the Learning Resources, research is used to help organizations identify con

Personal information is collected for marketing databases

Give one example where consumer information is collected for marketing databases, but consumers receive some form of payment for the information. Give one example where pers

Illustrate what is your estimate of the stock price

Additionally, the consultant believes which the required return used by Ragan, Inc. is too high and which the average required return rate is more appropriate. Under this gr

Nico realized total rate of return

Nico bought 500 shares of a stock for$24.00 per share on January1, 2013. He received a dividend of$2.50 per share at the end of 2013 and $4.00 per share at the end of 2014.

Does the law violate the fifth amendment

Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act requiring, among other provisions, that places of public accommodation remove architectural barriers to access where such


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