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Programs to educate disabled children and the resources associated with those programs is which of the following?

a. vouchers

b. primary education

c. secondary education

d. higher education

e. None of the answers is correct.

Suppose a state institutes a voucher program. Schools that have too many applicants use a lottery to randomly determine who can attend. The best approach to determining the effect of a voucher on student achievement is to compare the achievement of which two groups?

a. students who won the lottery to the average student in the public school

b. students in private schools to students in public schools

c. students who won the lottery to students who lost the lottery

d. students in schools that had increased enrollment to students in schools that had decreased enrollment

e. students who won the lottery to students in schools with decreased enrollment

If the government justifies intervention in education by asserting it wants to enable income mobility, which justification for intervening is it using?

a. credit market failure

b. productivity spill

c. overs redistribution

d. a less criminally inclined public

e. the failure of family utility maximization

If education serves only to separate high-ability workers from low-ability workers, it __________ play a valuable social role, and the educational institutions that do this best should ____________.

a. does not; be taxed

b. does not; be subsidized

c. does; be taxed

d. does; be subsidized

e. does; be neither taxed nor subsidized

A politician claims that government should intervene in the education market to "even the playing field" for rich and poor families. Which justification for government intervention in the education market is the politician using?

a. credit market failure

b. productivity spill

c. overs redistribution

d. a less criminally inclined public

e. the failure of family utility maximization

Reference no: EM13953998

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